What are the properties of fullerene molecule?

Fullerene is the versatile molecule built with the bond of carbon atoms. This is used in wide variety of application for its property. Thus few of the properties are

  • The molecule can be used in various fields where it can act as conductor of electrons. This has the conducting property. It acts as the superconductor, semiconductor and conductor.
  • It can show the light transmission based up on the intensity through the photo chromic effect.
  • It has the ability to form different sort of material which can absorb free radicals. This retains the other substance outer.
  • Fullerene is actively safe and motionless; the properties can create the active deratives.

It is a three dimensional sphere which has unique chemical property and physical property. These are the common property of fullerene but its property differs with the materials that it is mixed. This outstanding agent has the physical property of

  • Standard heat of formation – 9.08 kcal.mol-1
  • Index of refraction – 2.2 (600 nm)
  • Resistivity 0 1014 ohms.m-1
  • Boiling Point – 800 k
  • Density – 1.65 cm-3

Fullerene has the chemical property based on the carbon atoms bonded; this is based on the quality that you select. There are C60 Fullerene for Sale that can be obtained for the many applications.

  • Fullerene is used in the biomedical engineering for the solubility. The compound is aromatic and is undeniably used in the cancer research. The carbon 60 is occulded by cancer cells and increases the oxygen in the cell. This will lead to cure of cancer. The process is called photo chemotherapy. This is an alternative for radiotherapy. With the increasing use of fullerene, there are much more bio medical uses.
  • Carbon 60 is used in the electrocatalysts. As the environment is polluted with the fossil fuels, fuel cells with c60 are becoming the best in the industry.
  • Fullerene is used in the gas storage for its unique property.
  • Next application is the coating of composite materials. It is mostly added with the nanofilters.
  • It is an excellent antioxidant according to the medical research. This gives an amazing result.
  • Fullerene is also used in the field of cosmetology.
  • Fullerene is also used to manufacture diamond
  • To strengthen the materials that are loosely packed, c60 is used.

While looking at the scenarios, the fullerene is used in each every field. This is best suitable one in the Nano field. As a medical as well as electrical applicator, it works well. If you are a manufacturer and looking for the quality fullerene then you should have a look at this property. Buy the quality fullerene and manufacture quality products or medicine.

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