Using Pop-Ups On Your Website – A Good Decision Or Not

Let’s first dig in what actually a pop-up is. Well, in short, and correct way of answering this is that a pop-up is a kind of window that pops up in a particular area and helps a visitor of a website to interact with it and complete the action. You might think they are not of much use. But you are wrong because pop-ups are very effective when it comes to target customers and generate leads. You can certainly understand their importance by learning in details.

The trick is you need to know how to use it in the best way. Studies showed that small to medium and even large businesses can profit from pop-ups as they increase email subscriptions.

So Why Do Pop-ups Work?

  • As you know that the visitors of your web page do not have much time to stay and have less attention, it is highly likely that they will not subscribe to your site or give any lead information. This is where pop-ups work greatly. They interrupt them from leaving your site and grab their attention, therefore increasing the engagement and interaction.
  • It encourages a reader present on your blog site to start a conversation that is helpful from both ends and this might help in perspective conversion.

Pop-ups and Its importance

Entry Pop-ups

This is a very common type of pop-up that you see right after visiting a website. And when a visitor visits a certain website, they do not intend to leave it immediately without checking the pages. So you can understand that the entry pop-up will surely catch the attention of the visitors.

This is a good way to let your visitors learn about your products, services or new launches to spread awareness and expand the visibility.

Timed Pop-ups

This type of pop-ups is loved by many as they give the visitors time to get comfortable with the website and settle. These are friendly pop-ups and most visitors will not get annoyed by them. It only shows when a particular visitor spends for a predetermined time period on a page. You can set this time and delay the display of the pop-up.

Exit Intent Pop-ups

To increase conversions and traffic interaction this type of pop-up is definitely great. With the right usage of exit intent pop-ups, you can actually convince your visitors to persuade that your website content may otherwise fail to do. To learn more about the tricks of pop-ups, be sure to check

Scroll Pop-ups

This type allows visitors to go ahead further by scrolling inside a website only after they give feedback to show that they are interested. After a specific percentage of scrolling, the pop-up will disappear.

Click Pop-ups

They appear on the web pages as overlays over the content. So when a visitor clicks them they appear and they pop right on top of the content. It is effective if you have plans to increase your subscription list. These pop-ups are placed targeting the most interesting and relevant parts of your content.

As a part of marketing tactics for online visibility and increase the lead generation, pop-ups are absolutely potential. If you are trying to make the most of pop-ups consult an expert today!

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