Outstanding Software and Powerful Hardware of Galaxy S9

Samsung has paid much attention to the camera in its flagship smartphones. The eighth generation of “Galaxy” was no exception – the devices perfectly capture both photos and videos. Galaxy S8 uses a new sensor Sony IMX333 and S5K2L2 ISOCELL matrix with a resolution of 12 megapixels (the same was in S7). Examples of the photo from Galaxy S8-images are highly compressed. If we talk about the upcoming flagship smartphone, Galaxy S9, Samsung has created a wonderful display that anyone would love. The display is outstanding having no physical buttons present, with a clean, neat, shiny surface, flat display.

The main camera in Galaxy S8 supports optical image stabilization (-area OIS). Rollers are obtained very high quality, but it is clear that Samsung programmers have not yet completed the camera software. In the sharp bends slightly blurred picture. Perhaps this would be corrected with Galaxy S9. The device, S8, supports video recording in the resolution of 4K × 30FPS and 1080p × 60FPS. The frame rate for slow-motion video is limited 240FPS at a resolution of 720p. Galaxy S9, in its turn, won’t get behind and come up next year with 4K x 35FPS and 1085 x 62FPS with Ultra High Definition pictures.

Galaxy S8 front camera has become a delightful camera for people. Users are enjoying it very much. The front camera has received a great improvement – from 5 to 8 megapixels. There is a wide-angle sensor with a good indication of aperture – f / 1,7. Your selfie will definitely look good even in poor lighting conditions. If we bring the topic of Galaxy S9 camera, then it is awesome blossom, people would definitely cherish the upcoming device, S9. Galaxy S9 has a stunning UHD 16MP+16MP primary Dual Camera with the 8MP front camera. The various nice filters with 30 latest 3D frames and animations, 3D clip arts will enhance the beauty effect and will reform the picture very well. Operating system

Galaxy S8, no doubt, has a powerful processor. Exynos 8895 is built on the architecture of the 4 + 4: four core the Cortex-A53 on ARM (1.7 GHz) are responsible for simple tasks, and four custom Exynos the M1 core (2.3 GHz) are included in the processing of heavy processes like games. But the main difference between the 8895 and previous generation is a graphic accelerator. New uses GPU Mali G71-MP20. S9 will come up next year, bringing a big performance boost processor, giving the user a rapid speed with low consumption of battery with long hour’s uses without getting much heat. Galaxy S9 will have ARM Cortex A72, M1 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

Calls, communications, and battery

The new flagship of Samsung 2018, Galaxy S9 would be equipped with all modern communication standards, such as 4G / LTE, dual-band-Fi access Wi, the Bluetooth 5.2 (for the first time in a smartphone) and NFC. The voice quality in calls would be perfect. Pleased that Samsung still pays much attention to the most important functions of the phone – calls. Bluetooth 5.2 version of the receiver allows you to connect two pairs of headphones, or other audio accessories to a single Galaxy S9.

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