HTC will put its grain of sand on the Google Pixel 2 by taking the touch frame of the HTC U11

For this end of the year not only are expected new creatures Apple and Samsung, there are other terminals willing to earn their share of attention by media and users. We will have a Huawei Mate 10 that promises a level of power never seen so far in the Chinese manufacturer’s catalog and, of course, the second generation of Pixel- Google Pixel 2.

Google is slowly becoming a manufacturer but has not yet completed all the steps necessary to be independent, hence last year resorted to HTC to build their Google Pixel. For the generation that is to come, there were doubts as to whether the companion would be new or if the Taiwanese would repeat and the last leak confirmed it. HTC repeats and brings surprises up your sleeve.

The improvements of HTC, for the Pixel

Over the last few months we have been having small doses of information about future Google Pixel 2 from different sources. When it was not an internal leak or an oversight, a benchmark appeared to expose new data on the devices that are to come.

The latest comes from an application for registration by HTC, which is why features have been unveiled at the same time as the name of the manufacturer of Pixel 2. This request has reached the FCC, the certifier responsible for the terminals that reach west, and speaks of the Pixel 2 would inherit the most interesting feature of the HTC U11.

According to this information, it can informally confirm that the Google Pixel 2, including the normal model and the Pixel 2 XL, will have a touch frame like the HTC U11. This means that we can press the phone to obey our orders, orders that we can configure through the software of the phone itself. How to launch concrete applications, for example.

The Google Pixel will be manufactured in HTC chains, will have touch frame, 64GB of internal memory and Android 0 preloaded.

Specifically, the application for registration on the HTC FCC indicates that this “squeeze” on the phone will serve to launch Google Assistant, although we assume that will continue to respond to the well-known Ok Google through voice commands. The functionality will be called “Active Edge”, not “Edge Sense” as it is known in the devices of HTC.

More data has also surfaced about the Google Pixel 2, as it will have a basic internal storage of 64GB or that will carry Android 8.0.1 or inside. The operating system name is still hidden in the shadows, and Google is expected to reveal it in the coming weeks. In the meantime, we will continue to wait for Google Pixel 2 to show up. Now with more desire than ever thanks to the new information.


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