How to network on Instagram direct message

Believe it or not, taking the time to “slide into someone’s DMs” isn’t just a tool used by people trying to reach out to celebrities or pick up someone on social media for a date – this kind of tactic can also be used successfully to build and grow your business network going forward.

Some of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs today are taking full advantage of everything that Instagram Direct Message (DM) has to offer, and you’ll want to do the exact same thing to build up your own personal network as much as you are able to.

Here are some helpful hints to point you in the right direction!

Find Instagram accounts that can add value to your operation

The most important thing you have to do when you’re getting ready to network via Instagram DM is to find people that will actually add positively to your network in the first place, something that sounds simple and straightforward but is often anything but.

You’ll really want to think about the kind of influencers that you are hoping to connect with, and you’ll want to make sure that the people you choose to reach out to our someone you can add value to as much as you get value from them.

Use the Instagram search feature – with hashtags and by location – to spread your net and then dive right in.

Really understand the person you’re going to reach out to before you fire off a DM

You are then going to want to spend maybe 30 seconds or more scrolling throughout their Instagram account and maybe their other social media accounts to get a better feel for who they are, what they value, and what they are interested in.

You’re going to want to pay attention to the amount of followers that they have, but you’re also going to want to pay attention to the amount of activity that they are getting in the engagement that they are getting from their followers as well. Follower account to some degree is a lot less important than activity and engagement – you want people that influence and persuade in your network rather than folks that just shotgun out messages to total strangers and hope for the best.

Bring real value with your very first contact

Far too many people dive headfirst into the networking process thinking what they can get from someone else as opposed to what they can give, and that’s exactly why so many people really struggle to have the kind of success that they would love to have in the first place.

By trying to take something from complete and total strangers – even just taking their time – you are getting off on the wrong foot, and that’s going to kill your networking efforts on social media (and in real life) faster than anything else.

Instead find a way to offer value right off the bat – right then and there in that initial contact – and you’ll find that the doors swing wide open and you’re able to start establishing the kind of network that you may never have had the opportunity to establish otherwise. Instagram DM is a game changer when you use it this way!

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