5 Incredibly Weird and Cool Things You Can Buy Online

While we surf on the internet, we often find cool things and cool stuff to buy online and we are curious how those stuffs work. They can be very practical for us and make our life easier and funnier. We want to have them for a decent price, and luckily, we can find them online. So, here is a list of 5 cool things that you can find on the internet.

Syma S107G 3 Channel RC Helicopter

This Helicopter is a 3 channel design, which means you can control it to go up and down, turning  left and right and independent forward and reverse control. The foundation of the helicopter is a metal-base chassis. By building it out metal they were able to create parts that are more precise or smooth running. On the tail boom, there is a direct-drive oriented tail rotor, which gives you a forward and reverse flight. There are also twin counter-rotating main blades and they are free-floating. They balance themselves out once they got spun. Because of that, it helps to reduce damage in the event of a crash or just hitting something lightly on the side. The controller is very simple. You can control it easily up and down, left or right or you can move it in every direction. So, for this price, Syma S107G is the best helicopter on the market.

Leap Motion Controller

Direct control. That’s what the Leap Motion Controller promises like the other so-called natural interfaces. But the Leap Motion does things differently. It’s small, not much bigger than a USB memory stick and you can put it next to your keyboard, from where it looks up at your gestures. It’s affordable and fun to use. From the build quality, down to the air space launcher software and the web interface, which allows you to shop, instal and run around 75 differently compatible apps. Leap Motion works best when you keep it simple and when you learn how to use subtle movements to switch from hovering away from the screen to doing an action by moving your finger closer to the screen.

Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick is just a stick that plugs into the HDMI port of your TV. It can afford you to watch over 1000+ channels. It comes with an anywhere control power, power adapter, USB adapter and triple-A batteries. Roku has a huge selection of streaming channels and few innovative features. You can follow Movies, TV series and actors and you will get automatic updates when new content is ready to stream or when the price drops. It’s the only pocket sized stick with a quad-core processor, which means more processing power than any pocket sized stick. The small design makes it simple to put it between TV’s in the home or to use while you are traveling. So, this Streaming Stick is one of the best on the market.

Boyfriend Muscle Man Arm Cotton Pillow

This is a Boyfriend Muscle Arm Pillow for the lonely hearts. Don’t feel the loneliness anymore. Get this soft material pillow and enjoy. It gives you more secured moments and nights, and it’s very comfortable. It can remind you to the moments spent with your loved person, but there is a new love in your life, the Boyfriend Muscle Man Arm Pillow. There are a lot of weird things that you can buy on the internet, right ?

UFO Detector

UFO’s are visiting our planet every day and you want to know if there any in your area? You want to see those unexplained air crafts moving in the air? So, if you want to become UFO expert there is a solution for you. The UFO Detector is an Internal Magnetometer Interfaced Detector with Microcontroller, for a 24/7 monitoring for magnetic anomalies that have been shown on a lot of UFO sightings. When something will be detected, there are 13 Flashing LED’s that will start beeping. So, let’s solve this mystery!


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