4 Games You Should Not Miss Playing

Once upon a time, Android games were way beyond as compared to iOS platforms. The capabilities or details were lower and experience had nothing to charm the users. These were days of the past but now this Android platform has evolved at a considerable level due to gap reduced between hardware and software. Some of the popular games are bestowed with Android.

The trend has picked up so much that smartphones or platforms like 9apps provide an opportunity to download the games. A lot of games are waiting for your attention at the play store. To pick the best among them can be a difficult task at an initial glance. Let us explore some of the popular games that are being played on Android platform.


No surprises to the fact that this game made the list. This is an addictive game and trending in India. For a novice, this is a game where you fight with others in order to survive. Taking into consideration that this is an open game, the word play is detailed and extremely rare.

The developers have really made it easy for a mobile player to pick and manage items. In the lower ranks boots have been added to provide players with a unique gaming experience. This is a well optimized game and depending upon the hardware and user can scale down the graphics. Each and every device out there can run the game. One of the striking points is that you along with your team members can formulate your own team for survival.

Infinity OPS

A personal shooter multiplayer first person game with a science background attached to it. The game takes place in the distinct future where humanity has taken over the realms of technological development. You could go on to formulate your own clan

Even if you are having a phone with low specifications, the game is embedded with settings which are going to help you scale down graphics. This would be in close proximity to Halo or Destiny on your phone.

Clash Royale

Rated to be a spin off among the clash of clans, this is one of the most popular mobile games in the world now. In this game you indulge in one of the battles with various players all around the world. The onus of the game is to use resources in an effective manner. A combination of real time action and tower defence genres is created for a competitive and addictive experience.

Though the game seems to be a few years old this has gone on to have major use retention. In the first year itself, it has gone on to make $ 1 million in revenue.

HQ Trivia

Playing for real money this is a live trivia app. In this game, there are 12 multiple choice trivia questions as this can range from easy to relatively harder ones. The daily bounty has increased to $ 5,00,000 with a Sunday game relatively on the higher side.

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